happy friday | 8.31.12

guess where we finally went on wednesday?
yep. sauvie island.

one of my most favorite places in oregon!
(specifically sauvie island farms).
 thanks to my friend meg (great idea!!)
we got our hands dirty!
 (isn't she so pretty?)
 but the reward was delicious!
 after picking blackberries,
we headed to the sauvie island beach.
 and did some of this:
it was the perfect summer excursion!
so thankful for the getaway.
i needed it so bad.

school starts wednesday after labor day for us.
so happy last friday of summer!!

hope you all get out and enjoy your surroundings!

1 comment:

Dado said...

I DOOOO LOVE Happy Fridays!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful day. Yummm to the blackberries!