happy friday | 11.15.12

guess who is coming to see us?
yep, it's my niece and nephews!
and my sister:
and my brother in law:
this is a reason to clap!
there will be lots of this:
and this:
 and this:
 and i guess with seven kids in the house,
there will inevitably be some of this:
but i can't say that i'll mind.
as long as i get to play with this one:
i mean look at that squishy baby skin!!

these were taken the last time my sister and family came to visit,
everyone is a little older now
so i can't wait to add more to the stack!

hope you get surrounded by loved ones this thanksgiving week!
happy friday!

1 comment:

Brian the Husband said...

hey, my friday's have been sad for almost a month! ;)