i was tucking abi in at bedtime and this is how our conversation went:

"i want see my belly." (her)
"you want to see your belly?" (me)
"yes, baby is in my belly."
"oh, there is a baby in your belly too?"
"yeah, my baby is a boy."
"oh, you're going to have a baby boy too! what are you going to name him?"
"it is apple."
"your baby boy is named apple?"
"yeah, my baby is apple."

interestingly enough, i've never considered "apple" as an option for our son's name.... but at least abigail and i have something that will really connect us now!


G. Twilley said...

Mad world. Babies having babies and what not.

keri said...

i guess she and gwyneth paltrow think alike. (her baby's name is apple in case you didn't know)

Anonymous said...

i was just surfing the web and found your site. congrats on being pregnant again! when are you due? we too have an abby (she's 2) and are expecting this spring as well.

e-mail me if you have a chance...i'm new to this world of blogging! asanders268@joimail.com

amy (miller) sanders

Angie said...

Ah, I'm so sad to miss out on these little conversations myself! Not so sad I missed out on the previous post though. My own poop stories are coming in due time, I'm sure. We find out if it's a boy or girl next Fri., the 22nd (20 wks). Tell Abbi it will be Banana if a girl, and maybe Moses (that was Gwyneth's boy) or Mango if a boy.