potty talk

Our sweet two year old, the little pink princess, has now decided to imitate her brothers by inserting "poo-poo, tee-tee, poot, etc." into songs and responses. It is just wrong and way too soon. She's just a little one trying to learn humor, and unfortunately has grabbed on to the type of humor that 5-7 year old boys find funny. (and sometimes 33 year old boys too) The new behavior is causing worry about our upcoming visit to family. Is she cute enough to get away with it in their eyes? :)

Perhaps, I should just be thankful for the potty talk compared to the other behavioral problem I'm currently dealing with...pulling off the diaper. Every single time she slightly uses her diaper, off it goes. She done. She won't be wearing a used diaper! So, I've been thinking that maybe she just needs to be potty trained if she is that sensitive to dirty diapers, but so far, it's a no-go. She'll run to the potty, she'll sit on the potty, she'll put plenty of paper in the potty, and she'll be happy to change her diaper, especially when it involves a Dora pull-up, but, she won't make the connection with actually going in the potty...yet.

And today, this behavioral issue moved to a new level. Usually when she pulls off her diaper, it's just that she's wet it. Today in her nap time, she pulled off her diaper when she had done a little more. She called for me to come get her a new diaper, and lo and behold, there were multiple areas of stinky poop all over her bed. Ah, the joys of motherhood. Times like these at least make me thankful that i don't change their beds too systematically... at least it needed a good clean, right??
(Advice is welcome... and I'll write a cleaner post next time!)


keri said...

well i send you to: http://rocksinmydryer.typepad.com/shannon/2006/12/necessity_is_th.html
i just read her post today!
so sorry you had to clean up poop. probably in the top 5 things that you never want to do when you're pregnant (or not pregnant for that matter).

and what is it with the potty talk...? you know ella is right there with 'em...so maybe it is time to lock them in the bathroom and let them potty talk all they want for 5 minutes...i kinda doubt it would work though. it would probably hype it up even more.

and yet, again, a long comment.

jess said...

ah yes, the joy of poop in the room. there was many a time in the throes of trying to p-train sumner that his room would have "droppings" on THE CARPET when i would get him after room time. sadly, i have no help for you there. so sorry for the gross-out factor on your part! i'm still trying to mentally prepare myself for potty training experience #2.

Crystal said...

Well, in our two princesses and no prince household we still have "potty talk" humor so don't be hard on the boys. Lauren especially thinks that saying the words and watching Mom's face fall and say "hey no potty talk" is hilarious fun.

We had luck with you don't want to get pee/poo on Dora or Princesses do you? That and stickers/chocolate chip rewards.


Laura said...

Sounds like little Abi is following in the footsteps of big O!

These converstions about parenting are so intriguing to me, even the ones about poo. :)