007th Birthday

So, here is how the party went down:
The future spy kids were not allowed in the spy school until they entered the secret code. (1100NAP... Nic's bday and initials) They came prepared. Many of them had practiced and a few wrote it down just in case. There were even reports of one future spy truly destroying the evidence (invitation) by burning it in the backyard with his dad! Another spy kid came dressed all in black and assured his mom that he didn't need training because he was already a spy.

Once they entered, we told them that their true identities needed to be locked away. We had them do their own finger prints and they created their own alphabet code to write their true name in code so as not to be discovered. This information was placed in a safe. Next they had to create a new spy identity. They put on disguises, made up a spy name and then we took a picture of each of them.
Now that they were undercover, they needed to be trained mentally and physically.
The mental portion started with a game of spy music playing and when the music stopped they all had to look "inconspicuous" by reading a magazine, just looking around, or taking cover. During the game we tested their ability to notice where the other spies in the room were located. We also released bombs (little black balloons) while they were playing. Some exploded, but thankfully there were no casualties. The next mental activity was trying to locate other spy kid homes via satellite pictures. (they were their own homes.) They, ages 5-7, were great at figuring this out with subtle clues.
Then we moved to the physical training which was an obstacle course outside. Their agility, aim and stealth movements were all put to the test. In the end, they were rewarded with pizza, cake and ice cream... and of course, graduation from spy school. They received a pin that read "spy kid" and an id tag we made with their pictures and new spy names. After the party Nic got to have his good friend, Noah spend the night and the spy trainers were completely spent!

Side note: our sweet live-in helper/nanny/governess/friend, Christi gave us a Sat. getaway in San Francisco along with a generous gift certificate to a great restaurant, the Cliff House which is right on the pacific with views of seal rock. The trainers spent Sat. away and recovered nicely.


keri said...

you are one hot "nanny"! more like the bond girl. i LOVE all the party stuff. you guys are too cool. the pics were awesome. i was funny to see all their serious faces and cute spy names. SO FUN!!! nic will definitely remember this party. you rock mama prentiss.

jess said...

ok...that picture made me laugh out loud!! i'm sure you will get some casting calls soon for the next 007 movie! definitely the cutest preggo bond girl...what an ingenious idea! i love the satellite image idea and the bomb dismantling.
so, do you have any ideas for a narnia party, o creative one?

katie said...

i can't claim all the ideas... check out www.birthdaypartyideas.com and www.creativemoms.com (i think) i usually just google search my party theme...

Jean Joiner said...

you're great. your kids have got a great mom!

April Barber said...

When are you going to write a book about being the "BEST MOM EVER?"