her pregnancy

I know I've been a little self-centered during my pregnancy and have neglected to keep you informed on Abigail's. Apparently, she is still pregnant and is doing well signified by these comments:

As I mentioned her friend Julia who just had a baby brother like she was going to have a baby brother, she quickly told me, "No, I not have a baby brother, I have a baby sister in my tummy."

Another day, Christi took her to the park and Abigail was sharing that her tummy was very full. Christi asked her what her tummy was full of. "My baby." she replied. Of course.

Today, we woke a little early and I guess her tummy was feeling funny. She told me, "Mommy, my tummy is silly" giggle, giggle, "my baby is making jokes."

My baby has had hiccups, many kicks, squirms, etc., but I'm a little jealous because I've yet to hear a joke from him! But, at least his big sister is keeping me amused with her pregnancy antics. Do you think she'll be disappointed that no baby arrives, or do you think she'll believe she's just pregnant for years?
This is the first child I've had that wants to be like their mama... my boys love me, but their dad is their hero. Needless to say, I'm enjoying the maternal bond I have with my little princess, and I'm so surprised by it!


jess said...

so precious. it's sweet to see how the nurturing instinct God gives girls is visible so young!

April Barber said...

Of course she wants to be like you! Why wouldn't she? I want to be like you and I'm not even your little girl!

keri said...

such a cutie. i'm so glad you have this little girl in the midst of all your men!!

Dado, Nick, Oliver said...

Oliver, Nick & Dado enjoyed reading your blog this morning. Glad to know things are still exciting around there while we enjoy the boys in AL. N says he hopes both the pregnant girls are doing good & O says for neither one of you to have your babies bef he gets back.