not another kid craft!!

When my brother, sister and I were younger, one thing we did to entertain ourselves is make cars out of shoe boxes or cereal boxes and pull our animals around in them. We did this for years and looking back now it seems like recycling at it's best! We would cut an opening in the box, attach a string or shoelace and pull the car around the house for hours. They obviously can go as fast as you want, there are no batteries, and no wheels that get stuck or anything. My brother would always crash into our cars which I'm sure now that I'm raising boys, was a delight to him!

Today the boys were asking to make a craft and one of them brought a box to the table. Instantly, I told them of making cars out of boxes and they were thrilled. We used construction paper, lots of glue and tape, stickers and their creativity. They didn't really even need help except for cutting the boxes. This is their finished product. How much fun this turned out to be. I must admit, I often deter them from crafts, especially these days. But with this one, they had a new toy they could play with and it gave me a chance to share a little from my own childhood with them. They are still racing and crashing right now! Can you hear the explosions and laughter?
(It's about to end as I make them have reading time so I can have rest time!)


Jean Joiner said...

what fun, kate! i completely forgot about doing that. i'll have to do that with everett soon. i bet he would even enjoy it now. ya think?
love you!

EWE said...

they look like twins!

keri said...

fun idea. i'm going to copy.