how much is 17?

Sorry I haven't posted too much lately. Honestly, I'm a little self-absorbed and exhausted. In the mornings I feel like I have mono when I consider my energy level and in the evenings, I MUST sit down as soon as I can. I'm in the last few weeks of this pregnancy. Before I know it, our little fella will truly be a part of our family and I can't wait for that. But now, I'm waiting.

My counter says I have 17 days to go... only 17 days? and SEVENTEEN MORE DAYS??!! Discomfort, pain, lack of sleep, and exhaustion can make me feel it's an eternity away. Cleaning, nesting, preparing for our youngest son, and last minute appointments can make me feel like it's coming tomorrow.
I know that regardless of when I go into labor, I will forget the way these days seem so intense. Once I have him in my arms, in our home and a part of our family, I will know it's all worth it. But for now, with hormones raging, I will wait. Day after day after day after day...until the day is here.
Pray that my family can tolerate me until then! :)


keri said...

dear friend...it's times like this when i REALLY wish we lived closer! wish i could help you!! i'm afraid i'm coming out there a tad bit late for that though. :(

jess said...

you are growing a baby! i'm sure you are exhausted as your body is working over-time. i just
wish i were closer so i could bring you some dinner or do some laundry. praying that he comes just in time for you to get prepared yet early to bring relief!

Jean Joiner said...

i can't wait to meet him...simon or elliot? :) i can't wait to see you too. i miss you terribly. we'll be praying for you.

Angie Davis said...

only 9 when i checked today! i don't know what that feels like to you though....but i can't believe you will be a family of 6 within the next 2 weeks (hopefully 1)!