How old were you when you first went off the diving board? Do you remember when you first climbed the stairs to the high dive? Do you remember how small you felt? And how incredibly high up you were? I remember feeling like the whole diving board was shaking a little as I was climbing up. I remember thinking that surely my knees would collapse and I would be the first person to ever just fall off the side of the board. And I remember just how far away the rails that I was supposed to hold on to felt from my body.

I can't remember how old I was. It sure does seem like I was... I don't know... 10?

My seven year old just finished a round of swim lessons last week. His instructor announced on the day before the last lesson that they would have a "fun day" on their last day and get to go off the diving board. I heard my son shout with a thrill in his voice from across the pool, "the high dive??!!"
His coach replied, "You guys want to go off the high dive?"
And my son verbally led the pack with, "YEAH!" as I saw him splashing and grinning from ear to ear. He was completely thrilled.

It turns out that they weren't allowed to go off the high dive. Nicholas made it through without too much disappointment. He did eagerly climb the not-that-short-other dive and was the only kid who bounced a little before jumping in. It was fun. It was fine. It was done.

But then today happened. We went to the public pool- the one with the regular 4 steps up diving board. Nic was thrilled that he was finally having free range in the pool, to do as he pleased. He marched right up to the board, waited in line, and without one warning, or "hey dad, watch me!", he did a front flip off.
His third time to ever be on a diving board in his life. A front flip.
The kid is much braver than me. I was astonished... and just glad I happened to be watching. After that, he continued on and on with a flip, a dive, a cannon ball, another flip, flip, dive...

Oh, and just don't tell me if your little kid has been doing that since they were three because right now, I just want to enjoy feeling proud of my brave little one.


Dado said...

I am sitting here aghast!! uh-uhhhhh! How did he even know how to DO a front flip??? Was your mouth hanging open??
What a DUDE!!

Hey...you're not just a good photographer, you are a good writer/storyteller too!

Tell Nic, I am sooo impressed AND sooo proud of him!

Poppa said...

I guess now we'll have to put in a pool with a diving board. The water slide seems oh so tame now. Nic, you da man!

Our Family of Five said...

Our kids always seem so much braver than us. Children are just amazing! You have every right to be proud. :) God Bless, Lynn.

Jean Joiner said...

i'm so impressed. nic, you're amazing!!
love, aunt jea jea

see you next wed!!

keri said...

crazy wild man! how did he learn how to do all those tricks!? such a brave little guy!
i don't remember when i first went off the high dive...but i was thinking the other day about how i used to do back dives off the side of the pool. i was wondering if i could still do it...you think? i think i might pull many muscles if i tried!

Angie Davis said...

no, you have the right to be proud and amazed! we were quite the family of flippers growing up with a pool and board in the backyard but it took at least 365 times before an attempt! i wish i could have some of your fearlessness nic!

Todd and Randi said...

I haven't had the chance to read the blog lately. Looks like you guys have been having a fun Summer. You're pictures are great, and I absolutely love the picture of you and Abi!

Jason Harmon said...

I've still never done a flip off the diving board.... and Im 25 now. I guess Andy Griffith was once again right when he said, "Some's got it and some ain't."

Laura said...

Come on already, Katie, Audrey has been doing flips off the diving board like all summer!

What a brave, wonderful boy! I love how he is devouring the joy and pleasure of life.

Ginny said...

i give nic a "10" for that flip

jess said...

congrats nic!!! this reminds me that i need to post about sum's swim lessons. he had beginner lessons for the past 2 weeks. not sure fearless would be the adjective to use here...hmmm....maybe, "it will be neat to see how God uses his cautious spirit later in life!?!" i'm sure as a mom of 3 boys i'm going to be grateful for this cautious apprehension!!