a fun game.

"play unda da covahs (under the covers) with me!"
abigail has loved this game for a few years now and everytime we play, i think she looks beautiful and that the lighting is magical...finally this day, i had my camera in hand. and i love what happened.


Dado said...

1:02 AM!!??? oh, the extent an artist will go for their craft....and their children!
As usual, fantastic!
You can hear the peals of laughter coming from these pictures.

keri said...

i never thought you would blog so much with 4 kids. i'm so happy when i see you've posted in my bloglines. :) these are such fun pictures. i love the one of elliot just laughing with his sister!

Our Family of Five said...

Beautiful, beautiful. I'm just starting to try and get more creative with my camera. I want to find out how to really blur the background. It does when I focus on an object in portrait mode, but not as much as I would like. I know there has to be a way, I just have to find it. I really love your pictures. Very inspiring! God Bless ---Lynn

jess said...

beautiful california light...and kiddos!!
very sweet and imaginative!