i snagged this from terrible speller. (thanks for posting it, ts) it is profound and disturbing.

having one daughter really makes me think about true beauty. how do i teach it? what is it? i really worry that i'll miss the real lesson or never be able to compete with all the ads that will pass through her mind in this life. i don't remember my mom complaining about her appearance. i think this had a profound effect on my own self esteem. (not that i don't struggle with a desire for beauty.) now, as a mom that is one thing i try not to do...complain. (at least in front of the kids, right?) i don't talk about food or diets much either, in regards to weight. but, i'm sure there is tons that i'm getting wrong. i'm wondering if any of you have thoughts on this? whether you have a little one or not, how can we influence our girls to understand "true beauty?"


Laura said...

My dad always doted over me and constantly told me that he loved me and was so proud of me. (And he still does.) I think he instilled a lot of confidence in me, though sometimes I struggle with thinking too HIGHLY of myself. I don't blame him for that of course, but its a delicate balance that must be bathed in the truth of the gospel.

jess said...

BRAVO, DOVE!!! Those videos are amazing and show that someone has a great heart for girls. I think what you are doing sounds right on and I ditto what Laura says that I think BP's sweet encouragement and confidence in Abi will have a huge impact on her as she grows into a woman.