new things.

here are some new things i'm trying:
exercise. not the silly YMCA dance.
i've been three times already. that is a big deal.

new menu.
nic says, "i really like everything you make from your new cookbook. oh, except those egg puffs."

traveling with four kids. (for thanksgiving.)
i've done very-big-pregnant-with-three, but never four. thankfully, our kids do planes well, except that darn tray table. they (abigail esp.) can't leave it alone. maybe i'll pack ducktape this time and tape it up. hmmm. that might work. oh, and i might add that we're totally due for a trip without stomach bugs. we have had that scenario the last two times we've flown.

facebook. i can't say that i really understand why i signed up. but i did. it has at least let me realize that some of my old friends out there are alive and kicking. and, now i can say i have 34 friends. i've never counted before, except for maybe when i was in junior high.

i know i'm too old for this, but a girl can use more friends in this world, right?
feel free to friend me if you want another too. :)


jess said...

i was just looking at jessica seinfeld's book wondering if it would be a good one-you'll have to share your favorites. it's a good sign the boys like it!

Jean Joiner said...

i'm interested in that cookbook too...i saw her when she was on oprah. it looked pretty cool. luckily everett will eat pretty much everything though so i don't have to be too "deceptive" at this point. :)

good job on the Y! i'm definitely praying for you all to have a great travel experience, especially with no one throwing up! i think duck tape is a great idea for the tray table. maybe you can use it to tape their feet down to keep them from kicking the person in front of you too...or maybe to tape their mouths shut. j/k :)

Angie Davis said...

hooray for you!
my mom just bought me that cookbook b/c she likes it so much - no, she doesn't even have any kids at home! she really likes the banana bread recipe, and she puts cauliflower and butternut squash in a lot of things now. i saw her on oprah too, and liked her so much i wanted to buy the book just to support her!

April Barber said...

I too saw her on Oprah and wondered if I could get my husband to eat veggies that way!

keri said...

exercise? i thought we didn't do that.
sounds like a good cookbook i need to get.
and whats the big deal about flying with 4 kids?
lastly, i have more friends than you on facebook...i'm winning. it is a popularity contest, right?

JMom said...

I am so proud of you for the exercise thing. I know I should do it and just cannot bring myself to get in there and start.
I,too, just joined facebook last month. I am waaayyy behind you in friends. I think I have 5. :-)

JMom said...

Hey- I posted a blurb about your brother last night. A very random high school memory.

Our Family of Five said...

I haven't figured out the whole facebook thing... how it works, what it is exactly.. I'm going to work on that. :)

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! :)

Anonymous said...

katie...it's cindy.
how the heck are you? we were just talking about you last week in columbus.
love you.

Promise Christian Academy said...

My son and his wife just got a Facebook and are trying to 'outfriend' each other! I am trying to talk them into a blog! :)
Hilda Rebecca

Angie Davis said...

I look at my feed every day, wondering if I get to see a new snipet of your life. I'm sure that it is full of holiday buzz, as well as the normal excitement. Any luck yet on getting E to sleep better?
Miss you friend.

keri said...

hello? anyone there? it's been over a month since we've heard from you. c'mon...write another post already!! pleeeeze?