real christmas card.

okay, so maybe we were a little smart-allec-y on our christmas card.
we are last minute people. last year, we took our picture, uploaded, ordered and sent our cards all in one morning. it's how we work. if we didn't, you wouldn't get a card.**
so, this year, we continued in our last minute tradition. my handy-to-have-around husband began throwing pictures into a collage one saturday morning. he showed me what he had done, i changed one picture out and we chose to order it. the problem was that it was in a post card form and there was a place for a message... oh, what to say, what to say...
it's hard to share real thoughts, real events or even real wishes on the back of a christmas card, it's especially hard when you have 10 minutes to write it, so we took the easier road and made stuff up.
it said something like this:

2007 Highlights:
Brian just finished a PhD in zoology.
Katie ran 14 marathons and launched a social networking site.
Nicholas is starring in the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan film.
Oliver scored 1100 in the PSAT.
Abigail won the CA junior spelling bee.
Elliot is now reading.

well, it was something to fill the space anyway.
really, i wanted to say something nice that everyone would appreciate. i wanted to wish you peace. joy. love. but i wanted it to mean something more than holiday cheer. i wanted to say how sorry i am that some of you are suffering right now~ that no amount of merriment can soothe your soul, but that i wish it could. and i wanted to share how we really are~ how our life involves pain and joy, questioning and faith, failure and success. and i wanted to say something about jesus being born into our mess... and how amazing that is to consider... and how i wish that i would consider that more in my life...
but it's hard to say that stuff on a quick christmas card.

but at least i can say it here in my convoluted way... and the card we sent out? well, that's just something that hopefully made you laugh.
and to end, i'll wish you all a really merry christmas intending it to mean all of the above and more...

*this last minute business is also our lame excuse for missing people, please forgive us if you were left out of our mailing... it's not that we don't love you!
*oh, and feel free to email your address to us if you want one next year. there is no shame in asking. and we love a big mailing list. :)


Brian T. Murphy said...

I was over at mike and lindsay's for christmas and saw your card. I liked it. and I am also upset that I didn't have an equally witty christmas card this year.

Angie Davis said...

Somehow I knew all that you wanted to say, but I think the laugh was just as refreshing. I waited so long to do a card for the same reason. I guess everyone can't be as clever as that husband of yours.

brian said...

i can't take all the credit it was a collaborative effort - katie's clever too. :)

jessica said...

Joey and I loved it!

jess said...

we both got a good laugh out of your card! and what great words you have shared here...that really sums it up!

keri said...

i thought it was great. although i was mad at the PO for stamping black ink all over it cuz we had a hard time reading it.