best of 2007

change: switching to iCal and making a digital address book. i've been such a committed-to-paper kind of girl, carrying around my little calendar book. but i'm telling you, going digital has altered my rather unorganized life; i'm now occasionally organized. this year, with the boys starting school, i knew i had to make some administrative changes to our lives. so, i bravely tried out a digital approach to life management. the best features? 1. getting an email with dates, addresses, info, etc, immediately goes where it needs to and 2. brian can subscribe to my calendar and instantly see our family's schedule.

concert: tie btw patty griffin, she sings so effortlessly and yet with such a profound voice.
and josh ritter, never before have i seen someone so happy to be performing.

book: kite runner, what a profound book. i'm anxious to read a thousand splendid suns (which brian bought for me before thanksgiving.)

milestone: 10th anniversary, we had a two month old at home so there was nothing too romantic or thrilling about the events of the day... contrary to our past expectations of a european vacation for this anniversary... but there was something so geniune and deep about this milestone for me. there was no trip or major gifts, but what there was was a life that we've built together with four beautiful children and a marriage where we really like each other. recognizing this and giving thanks for it was the greatest gift.

event: little elliot joining us.

gift: my nikon D80... i'm so in love...

trip: brian and i got away to hawaii's big island and oahu... it was too dreamy. when life gets hectic and we're passing each other in a whirlwind, brian just says, "remember hawaii?" and we both sigh.

(this post is a little half baked... but these days it's this or nothing...)


Jean Joiner said...

Those are big things! Happy 2008. :) I hope it holds even better things in store. Does this post mean your internet woes have passed?

keri said...

good for you for going digital. i love keeping my schedule on the computer and when i need to pay bills it reminds me....cuz my brain is fried and i certainly can't remember on my own.

fun list!