dwal wif me.

this is a self portrait of abigail. notice the pink striped dress.
guess who that blob is right beside her? yep. that is her dear old mom.
i love the way she draws people. she's been doing this same type for almost a year~ showing growth in her details like stripes on the dress and actual hair. (except for me.)

maybe when she's older i'll actually get uglier in her drawings because she is mad at me... but for now, i'll accept the way she presents me. and feel loved by it regardless.


jess said...

i love that scrunchy nose smile-what a proud arteest! ;)

Dado said...

How wonderful to live in a pink world, w/ a pink mommy. Even a pink cloud to follow you & keep everyone COOL!

Randall said...

Very talented artist - love the pink!

I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my recent Bloggy Giveaway :o)

keri said...

i love watching the evolution of their people drawings as they get older...it's really so cool to see. she is growing up...that smile of hers is awesome!

dreamingBIGdreams said...

I love the way kids draw people. My son used to draw a HUGE head with all the parts and four little lines for arms and legs. I have one framed in our living room and I cherish it!!!


Jean Joiner said...

hilarious drawings and love your commentary. i can't wait to see how everett draws. right now he's still scribbling.