finally home.

is having a mother to hold you.
to kiss you on your sweet lips.

to gently clean your sweet cheeks.
to hand you your raisins.
clean your nose.
kiss your boo-boo.
to show you
your own beauty.
a mother who lights up when you walk in the room.
who will give you the minutes of her day.
her love.
her very life.
you are her little doll.
her sister.
her friend.
her always little girl.
Mei is home.

Liz is a beautiful mother, with a wonderful loving husband and two full of life boys,
but little Mei, you have changed her forever by coming into her life.

(Thank you for letting me "see" you two through my lens!!)


keri said...

wow, i'm wiping away the tears!

Dado said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures Kate! You capture such essence in your pics. I can feel the moment in each one.
I know you loved being there w/ them.

jess said...

pure poetry in your words and your photographs. thank you for sharing this with all of us. that album may be my favorite of yours to date!

MaryMartha said...

I've been keeping up with their story through the blog...I'm so excited for them! Makes me really want to adopt a little one too :) So special!

Angie Davis said...

there are no words.....

Laura H. said...

Your best yet! Okay, your subject helps. I am crying like I did when I was reading their blog while they were in China. These are just spectacular...

Lizard said...

Thank you sweet friend. I can hardly believe she is mine. I could have never have made something as beautiful as Mei. I am simply falling in love.

Lulu said...

What a gorgeous way to capture a love that was surely meant to be! I've been lurking about here since the bloggy giveaways and am deeply impressed by your talent woth with words and pictures. Please come by and pick up a little something I left for you at my blog.