Today's Specials:

sometimes we find the greatest things at our local grocery store...
dances when music comes on~
kinds of things.

we throw them in the cart and bring them home.
those types of things are just so irresistible.

sometimes we forget to read the warning labels though.
it says:
will pull anything off shelves or tables
especially cds, books, or salad,
likes to play with speaker, tv, or computer wires,
needs a new shirt every hour because of excessive slobber,
loves toilets and toilet paper.

regardless, he's still a bargain in my book!


blog headers said...
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keri said...

he is absolutely delicious!
and he is definitely cool b/c he has cookie monster as a friend. :)

Lizard said...

Juicy-perfect descriptor for that little man.

Jean Joiner said...

salad? very cute :)

Allison said...

Oh, wow. This is all too familiar. My first is turning one on Sunday!

You may not remember me, but I was part of the college group at Briarwood for a few years...2000-2002 or so, one of the kids from BSC. You guys were always an inspiration to me as a family, and I still have notes from one of Brian's talks on Baptism. You'll be glad to know it may have edged us toward the Presbyterians we are today. :)

Love your blog! So glad I found it today! That little boy is going to be quite a character...he has a mischievous grin! :)