a place for everything~

and everything in it's place. RIGHT?

well, since i don't do that too well in my home, i thought i could do it at the very least here in the blog world. i've been working on putting together a new blog for photography~ a place to load some the portraits i've taken and a place to answer questions or leave information. so far, i've written a post about my entering into photography and included a few photos from a session i had a few weeks ago. (more to come on that...)

and seriously, to those of you who have encouraged and care about this journey, THANK YOU so much!! i would love to hear from you if you stop by!

(the coolest thing is that my photography logo over on the right column now works just by clicking on it. ;) thanks to keri over at design girl.)


Dayle said...

You are amazing!
Two blogs...w/ a "body of work" to show for BOTH!

april said...

I'm so happy for you Katie. We LOVED getting to spend some brief time with BP last month and I so wish I had gotten to hug your neck too.

Jean Joiner said...

look at you getting so organized and all while you're on your own this week :)

Laura H. said...

I love your new blog. What cute pictures of Gabi and her family! Now a new blog to read when I am procrastinating. Yeah!

Brian T. Murphy said...

nice. photography = awesome.