middle two.

middle children are special no doubt.
i am one. we have two. but for some reason our two can tend to be like oil and water.
the days that they get along are magical to me because they are few.

the other night, oliver was working hard on something in another room. he kept coming to brian and i to ask spelling for certain words.
"how do you spell 'only'?"
"what about 'allowed'?"
"what about 'like'?"
at this point, brian said, "wait a minute... i know what you're trying to spell." oliver got an adorable guilty smile that he gets when he knows he's busted, but maybe not in too much trouble.
he said, "can you juss help me spell the word?"

we did.
the resulting product is above.

it reads:



he made the club up in his top bunk. i guess to keep the babies and little girls out.

this other picture is of our girl trying to decide what she is going to do about this little club problem. she is not too keen on being left out. this is what i believe she is thinking, "poor little oliver. he thinks he can keep me out of his precious club. that's cute. i will be in any club i like. and when i'm a teenager, i won't let him date my friends."


Brian T. Murphy said...

as #4 out of 5, I can attest to fighting with siblings, especially the middle siblings. but my younger sister, katie, is without a doubt one of the most important people in my life. I missed out on a good bit of parental attention as a child (I laugh at my friends who freak out about their first kid because I think that as #4, I was just sort of lucky to get some milk, I'm a bit surprised I ever learned to read), but I'd never trade any of my siblings for more time with my parents. siblings are pretty badass.

I like reading what you write about your family, especially your kids. it's pretty refreshing.


april said...

you and your kids make my heart smile...

keri said...

ha ha...the last line is funny.

Amanda said...

I love her stance...very confident. I guess ya gotta hold your own w/ three brothers!

Jean Joiner said...

tell abi when she's here that she can join my no boys allowed princess club :)

Lizard said...

so funny...she is totally outsmarting those boys!!

Abi, "hmph.fools."

JMom said...

This post made me laugh bc I can totally see this in a couple of years around here...and that stance (and your dialogue) is perfectly my K!