love this kid!

did i ever post about nic turning 8??? i know i started one, but i'm thinking i never finished... and that is just WRONG.

this kid just brings so much light to my life.
he is bright. fun. energetic. athletic.
what do i love most about him though?
he is kind.
he has a gentleness about him that melts me.
kids LOVE him~ all ages.
this long board was his "dream" birthday gift this year.
he has quite a collection of bruises and scars already from it.
but he's a champ on it... just like everything he tries to do.
there is nothing quite like an eight year old's smile.
the teeth represent the growing pains
and the constant changes that are occurring right under our noses.
he is growing up.
exploring. seeking. questioning. developing.
this kid is intentional. he always has a plan.
he is responsible and dependable
i admire him.
my prayer is that he won't become hard in this world.
that his kindness will stay.
that he will know the mercy and love of jesus.
that he will use his gifts for the benefit of others.

(we were there too;)

my sweet first born son.
there is no one like you~
and i am a better woman because you are in my life.


JMom said...

What a precious post...and a great kid!

brian said...

what a great post and tribute. Nic is such a wonderfully unique kid!!

Jean Joiner said...

very sweet. he really does love kids of all ages...i love having him around everett and everett still asks for him all them time!

Lisa Conmara said...

thats really moving.
i love your blog.

keri said...

oh your baby! in the 4th photo i still see that baby nicholas face that he had when he was a little guy! what a sweet boy, i wish i had more of a front row seat to see first hand how great he is. he is loved though...and evan called him and oliver on his phone today....how cute, huh?

jess said...

how funny that we both posted about our firstborns on the same day!
nic, wish we were closer so we could experience who you are!

Laura said...

Wow, he has really long legs!

The Terrells said...

Wow- he is so big!! It is crazy that he is eight! He is so handsome too!! Loved the wooden people too!! Love and miss you