i married a music man.

i love music, but not like b does. he's passionate about it.
when we married, i inherited a large cd collection from him that i wanted to put away in drawers or a cabinet. he insisted that it stay out and available. he loves to hide in those songs.

i love to play music when i'm alone. i'm rarely alone.
when i do grab something to listen to, i gravitate toward what i'm familiar with... my trusted cds... that i've loved well. lately, it's patty griffin, jack johnson, mindy smith, or red mountain music. you can't go wrong with any of these...

i love that brian broadens my ear's exposure...
last night we went to see these guys:

the avett brothers.

the past few years, my music taste has grown through brian taking me to shows. (mindy smith, david grey, shawn colvin, patty griffin, and josh ritter~ they've all been brilliant.) there is nothing like it. as i sat and watched and soaked it all in last night, i thought, "this is how it should be." everyone should be forced to FIRST hear a band or musician play LIVE before they ever hear an album. i know that's not practical, but it's such a great way to be introduced to music~ a real first impression. i feel honored to be introduced to some of b's acquaintances. i'm not sure that i would have liked the avett bros. had i just heard their album or just a song. maybe.
but watching them perform.
it's difficult to describe.
here is my attempt:
interactive and playful, these siblings rival one another with melodic, convulsive singing and playing. their style is wide open, dramatic, connected, casual, intense, mocking all genres by showing they don't fall into one. sound contradictory? they are. they share their stories like you are in their living room listening... but don't be fooled, they are performers~ actors on a stage not withholding an ounce of drama for you. the talent on that wooden platform is astounding. don't get too comfortable with a specific instrument in a player's hand; it's likely to be thrown off stage or switched for another sound~ like a magic show of music.
if you plan to see them, you can't be afraid of a little screaming and seizure like behavior~ it does happen with them~but, it's amidst the beautiful strings and harmony.
that's why i like them. the boundaries are hazy. gray. you can't get too comfortable.
if you've read all of this, then you should go see them, because at the least you're curious.
they are like watching epic rock stars.
(did i use enough adjectives? i'm not a music reviewer, you know. don't be too harsh.)

we saw them in santa cruz. (oh, add "funky concert in santa cruz" on your list of things to do before you die.) i was definitely the MOST boring person in the audience. the closest thing i had to a tatoo was this:
(this photo was tricky. try taking a picture with your left hand while your right hand is pointed down so that others can see that you "paid.")
you should know that i got accused of "clubbing" by other parents when i dropped the boys off to school today because of this. just like all the other pastor's wives that you know.


april said...

I've been wanting to check them out for quite some time after reading my friend Travis' review of them in Critique. You just pushed me over the edge! I agree with the whole "see them in person first" thing, although I have only been able to do that with a few.

keri said...

wow, i'm so impressed with your words and description! i bet i would like them. they sound so intriguing. sounds like you and b had a fun nite!

krystal said...

Oh Oh, I saw them in our weekly! The Good Times (in Santa Cruz). Would have gone, as they seemed interesting, but, alas, no one to sit on the kids lately.

Nowadays your more radical because you DON"T have a tattoo!


krystal said...

I meant "You're" more radical, not your. Oops. Grammar police.

Lizard said...

I luv me some Avett's. Favorite band, hands down.

Laura said...

I am a bit jealous!

brian prentiss said...

Great description. Especially the word 'convulsive'. It was like watching the Sex Pistols (if they were more talented) play bluegrass.

Allison said...

OH, awesome. THanks for the review. We love quirky musicians like this...I'll have to get Gaines to check the brothers out on his iTunes.

When we got married, we combined our equally large music collections (though thankfully many CD's we had were duplicates. We have --some-- similar tastes). However, it has outgrown the nice CD cabinet (that keeps them hidden) and now there are three open shelves of all the extras. We're music junkies.

And I'm just now getting rid of all my old horrible CCM high school phase by selling the CD's on eBay. Just be glad there's only one music lover in your family...

Of course, don't get me started on our book collection. I think moving will be good for us...

amanda hannah said...

I saw them at Workplay a while back - they are amazing. One of my favorite bands, and hands down the most entertaining show I have ever seen.

Convulsive IS a good word ... when Scott gets into it and his entire body appears to be vibrating, even to the ends of his bushy, bushy beard. I love it.

ash.amy said...

kt! i love them. ash and i have been fans for awhile. they are SO much fun live...so energetic. they have been my alone songs of late too. hope you're doing well, you clubber you.