my brother's toothbrush.

my kids get away with just about anything when i'm trying to take their pictures.
so, when elliot grabbed oliver's toothbrush, i let him. it kept him happy and gave him something to do while i was behind my camera following him around on my hands and knees.
oliver doesn't like germs.
and he did NOT like these photos of his brother.
i guess i owe him a new toothbrush.

i spent 10 minutes with elliot the other day snapping pictures.
i think i'm addicted to him. is that possible??
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Dado said...

What a prince!
Sorry Oliver....but these pics were with it! Tell O I'll buy him a fancy new toothbrush for being a good sport!

Amanda said...

Cute cute cute!

Jean Joiner said...

his hair looks lighter here than in the other photos...maybe b/c he's closer to the window. he's simply adorable and growing up so quickly. it's fun to see him in one of e's shirts. :) can't wait to see you guys in june!!!!!