birthday traditions.

over five years ago, a friend shared a birthday tradition she had with her family that i quickly adopted and have continued through the years:
whoever is celebrating their birthday in our family gets woken up with a favorite breakfast brought to them with a candle and happy birthday song. it's something we all look forward to now... and i adore the morning voices singing, sweet sleepy faces, and the bed-heads that i get in pictures. for abigail's birthday, we all were present to wake her up, but sometimes it's just me and brian. it's the perfect way to start a special day...

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Colleen Carmona said...

What a wonderful tradition! I would love if you would share your tradition on my site, Cafe Traditions. It's a depository for a wide range of traditions and a way to encourage people to introduce new traditions into their lives. I believe traditions are a wonderful source of lasting memories (and cute photos too!)

Kind Regards,
Colleen Carmona