her fourth birthday.

a birthday party in pictures... a little behind schedule.
(just to go with the blog theme and all.)

the birthday girl
and her angelina ballerina party:

the guests:
(some of them)

the scene:

a few details:

it was a frilly success.


keri said...

the party looked so precious!! so fun and festive and frilly. dado did a great job with the tutu's....that is just too darn cute!!

Angie Davis said...

fabulous party. a little girls dream! and beautiful pictures!!!

jess said...

now THAT is a precious grandmother!! what sweet memories miss abi will have. you did a great job w/ all the fun decor, too. and don't you love all the opportunities for little detail shots? like the cookies! too cute!!

tell her that grayson secretly liked those kisses ;) it was fun seeing our kiddos together.