thank you miss lilly!!

Dado (my mother in law) came to town just for Abigial's Angelina party with about 15 tutus (that she made!) in tow ~and~ she was willing to become "Miss Lilly" Angelina's ballerina teacher from the stories for the party. How could Abigail ever doubt her grandmother's love for her??
Thank you for making our little girls fourth birthday party a success!!
(am i out of the dog house yet, dado??)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all THREE b'day posts!! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful day!
Miss Lilly

jessica said...

so sweet! What love that grandmother has! How did she make the tutu's! What a fun party! We will definitely be using this idea with 2 girls! Great to see y'all last night, we miss you tons!

katie said...

how to make tutus:

it's too fun and cheap to not do with your girls!

Angie Davis said...

oh my. precious. dado is the best! i can't believe abi is 4! happy birthday!

MaryMartha said...

love the pictures from all the fun! I'm so glad you have a girl! What a super frilly party :)
I'm still sad you don't live closer.

The Hiatt Family said...

Precious! What a perfect day-made even sweeter by her grandmother's love. I love the party idea!