beautiful love.

(my friend from high school and college shared on his blog about this photographer's work a number of days ago. i can't get it out of my head.)

he tells of the love of a son for his father, shown through simple words and beautiful images.

phillip toledano, you are a beautiful son. thank you for creating and sharing this.

this piece is called:

this work completely inspires me not only as a photographer but also a human being. i want to use my lens not just to take good pictures, but to tell stories of humanity. i love how phillip toledano tells this story of his dad in old age. what a treasure he has created not just for himself and his family, but for every person who sees it.

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jess said...

oh kate.

that is profound. utterly beautiful words and images. thank you for sharing.

it reminds me how important to capture not just the beginning of life in photography, but also those who've traveled through much of it. their faces alone have so much to tell.