kids who dance with barney might be enduring some sort of punishment.

i turned on that purple dinosaur the other day, late in the afternoon, because... well, because i just needed to sit down for a few minutes. and i thought elliot needed some training in his t.v. watching abilities.
so, i pulled him into my lap and the songs and dances commenced.

before long, as usual when the tele is turned on, the big kids came in.

nic sat down beside me. then said,
"it's just so sad about those kids."
i just feel so sorry for those kids. it's just sad that they have to do all of that."

he wasn't loud or mocking or laughing at how funny he was being...
i honestly think he really felt sorry for them.
which made me think nic was hilarious.
and also made me think of the perfect punishment next time he disobeys...
make him sing and dance with barney.


Lara said...

hey katie...not sure if your boys watch the disney channel but if nic knows the show "witches of waverly place", tell him that selena gomez (the main girl) got her big start dancing on the barney show and she makes lots of money now. maybe he will feel less sorry for them! :-)

sorry to read about oliver's accident. what a cutie, love the pic of abi and him where she has her hand on his face.


Angie Davis said...

it's usually O that makes me laugh out loud, but this is hysterical!

jess said...

they and those stupid doodlebops...yea the doodlebops, the doodlebops, ooooh yeah...

Shanna said...

My husband absolutley forbids Barney to ever be turned on...Never mind the singing and dancing, he thinks its punishment to even watch it!

Your "little guy" reminds me so much of our 1 yr old...I can't believe he hasn't knocked out a tooth yet, or at least done something equally as damaging.