my baby.

i had **no idea** it was this easy to get four comments!! what have i been doing all of this time?! actually writing posts and taking pictures to show you, when really, all i needed to do was write a title! ha!

explanation to the blank post:
i wrote a title in, and then hit "return" which directly posted it. oops. then i thought if i clicked "edit post" then it would not show up while "being edited." then i walked away from my computer for about... 3 days... and there was a blank post with four comments. all of you, except keri expected the best... thanks. now, i'm not ever deleting this dumb entry because i think it's funny.


Angie Davis said...

is it supposed to link somewhere? it's not, and i'm hanging in suspense.

JMom said...

me too...What's up?

keri said...

wow. that was the best post ever.

Lizard said...

This proves I'm not smart enough for your blog.