my baby. (the real post)

what i was going to tell you about my little guy
has a lot to do with my t.r.o.u.b.l.e post below.
i know he looks really sweet and innocent,
but he is not.
these photos were taken while brian was working at our dining room table.
what our little man likes to do is climb up into the chair you are working in.
he is always testing the limits of gravity.
he falls all the time.
we all watch him like hawks, but he is sneaky.
he knows he's not supposed to be climbing.
(perhaps me taking a bunch of photos of him in a chair isn't the BEST for teaching that lesson...
but i've never claimed to be a role model in parenting!)
just the other day, i was walking around the corner in the house
and i saw elliot standing in and looking eye level at me from a high chair.
he was standing big and proud, but he said, "uh. oh." out loud when he saw me.
well, the end of this story is not so cute.
on friday night (as some of you know) elliot climbed into one of our kitchen chairs
(right after brian had JUST taken him out of it)
and he fell from the chair, right onto his front tooth.
it came completely out.

do you know how much gums can bleed?
brian put the tooth in milk and said we had two hours to put it back in.
i'm sorry, where in the world does he know things like this??!
we didn't know if the dentist would put the tooth back in since it was a baby tooth,
but they tried. it's now a little longer than it's neighbor and protrudes forward a bit.
it's highly likely that it could come out again.
the dentist tried to bond it to his two other front teeth,
but the bonding between the two in the middle has already come off.
so, i'm facing the fact that my sweet baby might be missing one tooth until he's eightish...
i'm not happy about that thought.

interestingly, we have never cracked or knocked out a tooth
or broken a bone with any of the other kids.
this kid certainly is keeping us on our knees.


just a girl... said...

I found you through our love for Patti! I love your blog its flawless. And your son is adorable, you are in trouble.

Angie Davis said...

at least he is not 30, losing it just as he moves to a new state (FROM AL....), hoping to meet potential friends.

hope to see pictures of the quirky tooth.

speaking of quirky, to add to the list of the few quirks that b and i share, i knew too that you are supposed to put it in milk and get there w/in 2 hours. glad you had one of us there.

Crystal said...

Oh that number four is a cute sneaky one. So sorry about the tooth -- I am crossing my fingers that it stays put. How did Oliver feel about Elliot losing a front tooth first if only for less than 2 hours?

keri said...

i'm laughing at the previous post :)

i'm afraid this might not be the first and only exciting thing you will face with your little E monster!! i asked R if he knew about the putting the tooth in milk thing and he said yes...that it is the only neutral liquid to protect the tooth. i certainly didn't know that either!

if it falls out again, you could always use the 'ole faithful superglue. it can fix anything. :) (i do hope it doesn't fall out again though!!)

Jean Joiner said...

good thing he's so cute!

Mary Abigail & Paul said...

Hey...I think it is interesting that they didn't give him a spacer. Do they not do that anymore? My sister lost a baby tooth from a fall in the tub and she had a spacer. Of course, she coudn't eat any of the Halloween candy because then the spacer would fall out and get lost! :)

Abby said...

Oh no! I'm so sad for that little tooth and the mommy, daddy, and kiddo that had to go through the experience. I hope it will stay put and that there will be no candiless Halloweens in Elliot's future.

Angie Davis said...

is the tooth still hanging in there? i didn't sound too sympathetic in my last comment, but i did feel for the little guy, and you and b. it is good though that he is so stinkin' cute if he does have to be a snaggle-tooth for a while.

G. Twilley said...

I'll probably come across as an insensitive b-, but does your baby have a permullet?

katie said...

yes gene. we just paid $50 to get e's hair permed. only in the back.
can't wait to do it again.

amy :) said...

KT! that happened to my brother, but it was both teeth...the day after i was born. so sad for little bit, but i'm sure he'll just own it. it can only add to his charm...right?