~swirly girl~

she ran outside to practice her twirls.
she likes to test the spin quality of her dresses.

she now prefers one braid in her hair because of reading Rapunzel.

the more something sparkles, the better.

she doesn't mind an audience~ at all.
(except strangers still make her nervous.)

she is my one in a million, swirly girl.


Abi & Dado said...

I love my pictures and how my new princess slippers match my dress.
Abigail (&Dado)

Karen Bowers said...

she looks marvelous! i love how your comments about your pix become a poetry.

we're back from rhode island, i'd call to try to get your boys over, but i'm on jury duty. hopefully just for tomorrow that i'll be at the courthouse, we'll see. anyrate i hope to see you soon.

Jean Joiner said...

very cute. i miss her!

April Brown said...

ADORABLE!! I think Abi and my two older girls would be great buddies...all things sparkly pink bond girly girls :)

Angie Davis said...

so sweet! i thought i was a girly girl, but i would run outside to test how fast my new tennis shoes would go.

so glad that you have a 'little' pink in your life.

Amanda said...

I love it. The girlier, the better, I say!! :)