another friend of mine is hoping and praying for their future adopted child.

she illustrated and designed these beautiful christmas cards and is selling them to raise money to fund the adoption.

i'm going to
GIVEAWAY a set of 20 notecards!! that will make you happy, me happy and her happy! so why not?!

here is what you have to do:
leave a comment.
leave an email address.
and say a prayer for this family.

you can only enter once people. no cheating. ;) if you don't win, then just go buy some and support this family!

the winner is eunice!


Todd and Randi said...

How cute! My email address is randimyers[at]hotmail[dot]com . Hope you guys are doing well.

jessica said...

This is great! So sweet of you! jessicamure8[at]gmail[dot]com.

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! I pray that the Lord would provide the money they need and that He is already preparing their little one to join them! Stacey Daniel

Ryan, Eunice, Spencer, and Tyler said...

Great idea. Great cause. We've talked about adopting before and are continually inspired by those who do. euniceslin[at]yahoo[dot]com.

jess said...

that is wonderful! you are such a good friend. sign me up, sis. you know my contact info.

Miss Mommy said...

So sweet! Hope I win :)

Lara said...


I wish you would blog more. :)