he comes.

he goes.

his fear doesn't show.
he's silly.
he's sweet.
but he has a mean streak. (grrrrr.)
that grows if you say to him, "no."
elliot is sporting his new christmas wheels he got from his papa and dado. he is currently working on developing a new extreme sport with his radio flyer scooter. if you are interested in sponsoring his athleticism, just let us know.


Angie Davis said...

i have not the words for how cute he is!

Dado said...

These are awesome pictures of our awesome little guy. So glad he has wheels & can move & groove w/ his siblings.

keri said...

oh what a cutie pie that little E is....love the photos!!

Peggy Chen said...

awww - i love!

jess said...

good grief that child is some kinda cute! he is a mini oliver in these!!! great, great work!

Jean Joiner said...

so cute. i love those shoes...reminds me of his big brother nic with those on. his hair is adorable too. i hardly recognize him he's gotten so much bigger. wish i could give him a big squeeze. remind him who his aunt jea jea is for me, k?