backyard beauties

i wanted to share some pacific northwest goodness with you all:

first, the bicycle that brian and the kids surprised me with one friday afternoon...
i am so happy to have this! i can't tell you how many times i've said,
"if i only had a bike, we could just ride there."
now we can.
there is beer in portland.
lots and lots.
we don't grow this on trees in our yard
and this isn't even a portland brew,
but i thought you would enjoy the short stout bottle nonetheless.
i'm random like that.

berries in our yard.
love them.
i love picking a handful and gobbling them up with the kids.
and i think they happen to be beautiful.
(i also made raspberry lime jam for the first time ever with some local friends... thanks ladies!)

tiny little flowers...

that you almost walk right past...

grapes growing by our back porch... not sure what type yet.
but they are fun to watch grow...

i think i'm supposed to dislike the moss in the northwest
because it grows everywhere,
but i just find it to be beautiful!!

one more little berry.

and my favorite:
not necessarily special to the nw, but i love, LOVE hydrangeas!!
and i'm so happy there are a few bushes in the yard.
(i will probably plant more...)


Jean Joiner said...

wow kate, beautiful photos. can't wait to see all this in person. although i guess in november it won't be quite like this.

april barber said...

would love to come over and have a nice long chat in your backyard by these beauties...

Angie Davis said...


is this in response to my recent "lovely" picture of the South?

peggyc said...

wow, gorgeous photos! i love how you see your world! so encouraging :)

Jodi said...

I am so happy you can go biking with your kids... I keep thinking I should do that... if I only had a bike. Love all your pictures, they are beautiful.

Lizard said...

LOVE these.

jess said...

are u having SO much fun playing with your new lenses?
when is the wedding? can't wait to see!!!

G. Twilley said...

bikes, berries, grapes and brew?

Seriously, is Portland a glimpse of the land of our Lord?

Ha - word verification - Shannin - very close to my middle name!

travelingstacey said...

I love the raspberry photos! So beautiful!

keri said...

i see your new lens is quite handy!! these are beautiful pics. love the blue bowl with the raspberries...and i love hydrangeas too...probably my favorite flower. (and nice wheels!)

JMom said...

Just gorgeous!!

Jessica Regele said...

Really enjoyed reading your blog. Your writing is so real-does that make sense? Your photos are beautiful.