~happy friday~

we like to fly on fridays.
to be a superhero.
to escape the pressures of the week.
to let loose and act a little zany.
(although, some of us just like to play on the computer for a break.)
to fly like a little birdie.
hope these make your day a little lighter~
and let the stress out a bit.
well, not this one. this one is stressful.
and a bit scary.
i guess it's more for halloween.


Jodi Worlow said...

Glad you are back!

Karen Bowers said...

Jeremy says "Sweet! It's like he's flying!"

Jean Joiner said...

what incredible photos. i'm assuming you've got a trampoline? you're awesome, sister.

jessica said...

love the pictures and more excited that you posted on your blog :)

Angie Davis said...

my heart about skipped a beat when i saw a new post from you on my feed! you did not disappoint. so fun! and i bet you scored many cool mom points - maybe they will like being in front of the camera if they know they can turn out looking this cool! and i really hope this gets passed around the church to you know, make the pastor seem not so intimidating.

Angie Davis said...

or maybe the opposite?

Dado said...

We have all had more than a sneakin' suspicion that you guys were really the INCREDIBLES. Now we know for sure!

April Brown said...

way to get those legs up without pulling a hammy, Mr. Prentiss!! Fun times!!

MaryMartha said...

Haaaaa Haaa! Love it and totally miss hearing about what ya'll are up to! Thanks for sharing the fun pictures!

jess said...

i. LOVE. this. post.
and these people!
great captures!!!!

caroline said...

so...where's the one of you flying? I want to see it.

JMom said...

I want a trampoline and a camera like yours! :-)

Fun pictures!!!