hanging on.

i have this funny feeling that i will look back on this year and remember it as one of the busiest of many.
(maybe it's just wishful thinking that there will be an end).

busy, yet there are many smiles and many good memories being created as we go.

so we continue hanging on as we swirl through our
new city
new job
new school
new house
new friends
new church
new dog
new neighbors

one day, (not yet) i won't call these things new.
perhaps while they are still "new" i should show you around some of them??


Cara said...

That's a lot of new! And I would love to see and hear about as much of that new as you have time to tell. Miss you!

Dado said...

Would love a "tour" w/ "Katie Commentary" attached.

keri said...


Jodi Worlow said...

I was just wondering about you and ended up here and I would love for you to share all your "new"!

Jean Joiner said...

love that photo...esp with stella in the the background. love you.

April Brown said...
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Angie Davis said...

i thought i commented already...but guess not.

but just have to say, that this photo is everything i love about photography...and almost everything i love about you.

i imagine that it was possibly a full, crazy day. it could have been late afternoon, after you've been pulled in every direction - with a toddler in tow. and maybe you just picked up 3 needy kids from school. and maybe your hair was in a ponytail. i hear giggles, and yelling, and barking, and "hold on e".....

in your life's fullness, you captured it's sweetness. it's not a photo that makes your life seem better than it is, but one that captured what's truly there - if only for the moment (ya know, there could have been tears or arguing only seconds later...). it makes me happy to think of all of you looking back at it in 20 years and remembering, and smiling.

JMom said...

I REALLY love this photo, but won't even attempt to comment because the one above mine is so beautiful! (and so true!!)