the date: in review

the colors of spring have been amazing around here.
we have two beautiful cherry trees right in front of our house, that fill the gutter and sidewalk with their petals. it's stunning... feels like a celebration is happening right in front of you.
so, needless to say, it was a real gift to have this spring day with my little girl.

so about the date with abigail:
we got our hands dirty.
(among other things...)

and we filled some flower pots with plants we picked out together.

then, we gathered the petals from the ground and threw them in the air.
over and over.

i really, really love to spend time with my kids one on one.
there is something so magical about it... even if we aren't really talking.
i'm able to give my fullest of attention to the one i'm with.
that is quite refreshing to this mama who stays distracted by many things at home.

other things abigail and i did:
we enjoyed desert first from st. cupcake in belmont.
she bought a stuffed animal panda, appropriately named Panda with her own money.
we had breakfast for lunch at cup and saucer in hawthorne.
then we were on to our project, stopping at portland nursery for the goods.
afterwards, we played on scooters together.
and lastly, we went for one more treat at staccato gelato.

we crammed all of the good into one day.


Angie Davis said...

fabulous date. and lovely pictures. (when you think of me, you pray i have a girl next, right? ;)

peggyc said...

mmmm. sweet, sweet, sweet. <3 <3 <3

Jean Joiner said...

looks like a fun day!

jess said...

she is SO grown up looking in that picture on the steps. can you believe she and G are about to turn 6? stop. it.
love the one on one dates so, too. need to do them more often.