new printing options:

(for new clients.)

take three adorable pictures...
that you love for very distinct reasons:
choosing which one to print can be difficult.
i mean, really. how can one choose between these??

now, you don't have to.
i can print a collage of images as one print.
(8x10 or larger.)

and there is really endless options of how to arrange them. (which i can do for you.)
(images are printed with a border to insure easy framing.)
but, regardless of that, you can see all of them on one precious place on the wall.

and when you pass the photo of your little one's beautiful face,
it will help you
to not mind the whining,
or runny nose,
or one more dirty daiper
quite as much.

we all need those kind of reminders.


Angie Davis said...

adorable. looks like i'm seeing her from her mama's eyes.

Jean Joiner said...

i need those reminders today!