baseball tonight.

not the show.
real little league.
portland style.

nic slid into home to score a run.
on his first time up to bat.
it was awesome. 10 year old boy style.

this sign was definitely my personal highlight of the night.
oliver made it in five minutes~ as soon as he heard about the game.

okay. stella was a highlight too. because she was so pretty.
abigail and elliot just did whatever they wanted.
bikes, jump rope, play ground,
and mud.
there is always mud to be found.
look closely at their pants.
and shoes.
fun times.
and here we go into another baseball season.
i have absolutely no idea how in the world we're going to keep up with this added into our schedule.
one kid.
ONE sport.
i know many of you have done TONS more than that.
actually, i have done tons more than that, but i'm totally out of practice.
and our lives here seem busier.

as i drove home tonight with four tired, muddy kids
i tried to imagine what my life is going to look like in four, six, or eight years...
when ALL FOUR of my kids have schedules like this.

i think i'm going to have nightmares tonight.


Lizard said...

I am loving your posts.

Elizabeth Dark Wiley said...

this is great. on so many levels.
that shot of the field and the town and beyond is perfect.

Angie Davis said...

wow! so much! thanks for posting.

the 5 minute hand-made by little brother got me. got me good.

jess said...

you and me both. GULP!

Dado said...

Go pirates! and yeaaa for all your adoring fans!

Jean Joiner said...

everybody keeps asking what sports e is playing and i'm so glad we haven't yet but i do feel we might be behind the game. one of his friends is currently playing 3 sports! i think we'll have plenty of time down the road. i too dread the driving and schedule of older kids. great post...oliver's sign is awesome.

Lori said...

I LOVE little league Portland style!!! The picture says it all. Makes me like that city even more. All of your pics... super post!

Laura said...

I like Oliver!