rethink the frame... the sequel.

here are my canvas wraps on the wall!!!
the kids have all been BEGGING to go back to the exact same spot on the beach 
since they saw these... it brings us all happy memories to see them!
and i swear, i could order tons of these canvases.
i especially love the square.
imagine four or six of them on the wall together! so cool.
(i printed these through mpix... a company i recommend to clients when printing their own.)
(my usual printing is done through various printing companies for photographers.)

i thought you might also be interested in seeing some alternative ways
to print without the frame...
that look great, but don't quite cost as much as canvas.

this one of abigail (below) is printed on what we call a "standout."
and by "we" i mean the people who print them. not me.
this one is printed on 3/4" standout. (you can also order 1.5")
it feels like the weight of corkboard, but less dense 
and the sides are wrapped in black (or white) to give it a finished look.
they come ready to hang with holes in the back...
pop a nail in the wall and it's up!

brian prefers that it's level. he will notice if it's not.
i will not notice. we're a good team.

i'm still working on where to put everything in our house.
we're nearing on our home ownership anniversary, but i still feel like i'm moving in.

brian and stella just wanted to be in a picture.
they were feeling left out.

the photo below is a newer addition too:
(LOVE it!!)

we like to call this one "mounted on styrene."
i call it:
"pleasantly sturdy... able to be propped on a shelf without a frame."
i also call it:
"makes a mama happy to see it."

it is really thin (2mm), as you can see above so it also is able to be put into a frame...
for those of you who love frames.
or already have them.
or like to buy them.
it feels like a really dense plastic.
you can also print your flying children on it
and set it high above everyone's heads.
(this is above one of our doors)
nice effect. ;)

and what to do with all those old frames???
i just put some of the kids drawings and paintings into them and gave them a special place on the wall.
one of them doesn't even have a glass front anymore.
can you tell?
the bottom black frame is abigail's drawing of a chicken with a camera above it's head.
she created it about a year ago when we lived with chickens...
the camera was a special touch that made me feel loved.

that's enough.
i'm not a decorator.
and i need to go clean out our basement so the concrete drilling can commence.
(another story for another time.)
oh man.


travelingstacey said...

LOVE the pictures, Katie. Thanks for the tips. I love putting pictures up all over the house. Do you rotate pictures when you start running out of wall space or do you just find new places to put them? I'm trying to figure out new places to put pictures : ).

jess said...

looks so so good!!! you are so on top of it! we've been here a year and i have so little of our photos up. love the canvas and the standouts. good stuff.

oh, and meade has the same shirt that E has on in your other post. love it :)

Jean Joiner said...

can't wait to see in person...tell allen hey for me :)