i've been busy.
i had the privilege of photographing seven families in CA
two weekends ago.
so this post is ONE. out of SEVEN.
hope you all can get used to seeing some of these sessions. ;)

have i mentioned how much i LOVE my job????
what a joy. truly.

so these are two favorites from my first session.
(v. @ seven months)
(a. @ four years)
 japanese tea garden | san francisco, ca

i have totally been swooning.
over babies.
little girls.
floral patterns.
veggie t-shirts.
golden gate park.
and the love in this family of four:
the dad who left a REALLY busy day for photos...
"because it was important to his bride."
a mom who uses her eye for beauty
to show her girls another way of seeing the world.
a big sister who explores her world with vigor
and loves her sister with tenderness.
and the baby girl who just seems to make it all okay.
with her sparkly eyes and contagious smile.

you four are a privilege to watch.
i hope you see what i do in your photos!

(for more, head over to katieprentiss photography facebook page.)
or if it's just to difficult to go there,
here is a mash-up of some of my favorites:
(laura, you're more than welcome to post any of these to your blog if you'd like!)


Amstr said...

Such a beautiful family in such beautiful photos! We're all really glad you love your job, too!

Jean Joiner said...

that blanket is awesome! yours or theirs? can't wait to see your other photos. beautiful job, beautiful family!

Angie Davis said...

these make me happy. they have always been a family that i wish we had gotten to know better. so fun seeing them!

Lizard said...

It will be hard for families 2-5 when you jump to number 6 all of a sudden.

Brian said...

love seeing your happiness making other people happy. great job kt!!