and we have a winner...

and maybe not just ONE winner.

the mood over here has definitely shifted.

i forgot to let abigail draw a name before bedtime.
you know, "a bit behind" and all that...
but after much discussion and debate... i thought of a solution.
(more of atlanta session: 3/09. i wanted you to see just how happy and cute those three are.)

my decision was that
i would let my big boys help me.

they look trustworthy, right? at least sorta, right?

oh, why is that adorable little angel in between them? well... the boys represent the choosers of the winners and she represents the prize:
music. happy wonderful music. doesn't she make you think of that?

she's also my perfect little niece. 
and she is also one of the good things in this world that remind us that the bad won't always be here.

so the boys each chose a random number between 1-28. 
they were nervous.
they wondered who was in the contest.
(they never saw the list of comments~ i promise it was random.)
they asked if they could win too.
 then they asked what the winner would receive.
(i guess winning sometimes is the prize in itself.)
and then they chose.

drum roll please.
nic chose number 10 and oliver chose number 17.
we are very, very, very happy for you.
abigail and i especially are.
i made this banner especially for you:
 i really want to give all of you a cd.
but i don't have that much dough.

so those of you who didn't win... head on over to lala.com and find THE WEEPIES.
your first listen is free on lala. 
please go ahead and fall in love with them. ;)

i also want you to know how much i have LOVED reading your comments.
oh my.
to those who sing hymns all day, i want to sit in your house and relax.
i think there is something special about you.

and then there are many new songs and artists 
that you mentioned as YOUR favorites that i haven't heard.
i can't wait for some down time to search them out.

some of you made me laugh... and sing songs that i don't want to sing.
namely, the dinosaur train song and gold digger.
(i've never heard it, but i'm not sure that i want to. HA!)
(but i love your honesty)
and to those who were/are also feeling melancholy with me~
my prayer is that the most beautiful song that ever was
will be the loudest song you hear.

thank you for being honest on this little blog and reminding me that i am not alone.
reach out. share your story. give. and remember that you matter very much.
(claudine and scott: email me so i can mail your new WEEPIES cd to you.)


Jean Joiner said...

very fun, kate. i love your blog!

keri said...

well crap. as i was scrolling down and started seeing those happy dots (my fabric) and then my baby girl...i thought i might be the winner.
oh well. you make me smile though. :)

Claudine said...

Yeah Katie! This has made my day! Love your blogs and high fives to your boys for picking my name!

Simony said...

Your thoughts are as inspiring as your pictures. Love it!