i'm so happy to finally give you a peek into my fifth CA session.
 it was such a relaxing, quiet day with this family~

at home | sunnyvale, ca

hanging out on the front porch...
playing with chalk...
i love their adorable yard.
and their adorable kids.
and just their adorableness.
(i love the way their son is looking away and their daughter is staring below.)
the happy ending.

it's always so hard for me to choose my most favorites without making you see
ALL of the session proofs.
hope you enjoy!!

and friends, thanks again for hiring me!! you all are a treasure.
(feel free to share on fb or blog...)


Jean Joiner said...

wow...those kid's eyes! you out did yourself, kate.

Amstr said...

I'm not sure I'd describe the day as "quiet" :), but we love hanging out with you, too!

katie said...

i should clarify... it's not the volume sort of quiet, but the stay at home playing with your kids kind of quiet.

travelingstacey said...

I love looking at your pictures! They are wonderful! I just wish you were closer : )

peggyc said...

beautiful. these are truly beautiful. they make me sigh happy and deep sighs. i think it's the colors (the clothes, the eyes!, everything together), the expressions, and the many happy moments you captured. probably i'm sighing also b/c i'm blessed to have them as my neighbors and have been to this happy place and hung out w/ this sweet family! thank you for sharing, katie!

Susie said...

Wish you could come photograph our family!! Let's all buy Katie a plane ticket to ATL and get some great photos... who's in??