my fourth CA session
(i'm so happy to be seeing sunshine in these photos
since there still is very little of it here.)

sharon park | menlo park, ca
this is the sweetest family...
gentle, kind, and just so comfortable with one another.
one of my favorite things about them to watch was
the little brother
walking in his big sister's footsteps
all day.
of course, the setting was beautiful to take in too!
(this photo above would be gorgeous as a large canvas!)

sharon park is really beautiful... one more place i had never visited while living in CA.
we spent a few hours
walking the trails
playing by the waters edge
looking for ducks
playing on the playground
and having quality time as a family. 
(with me tagging along, that is)
and of course there was tree climbing
and pebble throwing too.
it all combined to make one of those idyllic sorta days.

the kind of days
that make being a family seem that much more of a treasure.

 and with that,
i'll leave you with this adorable smile... melt, melt, melt.

(thanks so much for sharing your four sweet smiles with me!)


Jean Joiner said...

LOVE the one of the kids hanging over the fence.

Susie said...

Wish you could come take pics of our family!!

katie said...

susie... that is a possibility... :)