the wonderfuls. (part two)

i first introduced you to this beautiful family here.
i wanted to share more of them with you now.

i love being with them in general...
but on this day we were able to celebrate #four.

there is nothing quite like being in a home with a newborn.
feels like the divine enters into the normal
and makes the air feel more holy.

makes me pause.
and breathe more slowly.
this next one takes my breath away.
quiet and new all wrapped up in silky soft skin.

next you'll see
one of my FAVORITE things about this family: 
their laughter.

what a gift. to make each other laugh.

i love the oldest... i could stand to learn a few things from her.
i love that i asked her what her favorite books were, and she grabbed a huge stack.
i love that while she was waiting for me to photograph her, she couldn't help but devour
one of those books right away.
and i love that baby sister followed her out there... grabbed a few literary favorites of her own.
and snuggled right up to her.
but my absolute favorite thing about these pictures...
is the way big sister is marking her place in her book with her finger
(bottom right of the series) while she rubs noses with little sister.

these kids have learned to laugh like their mom and dad.
i love big brother too. i love that while the girls were reading, he was playing madlibs.

and this one below is another all time favorite.
every mom needs to see this. daily.

more than a mirror,
and more than a letter.

because it speaks volumes.
and reveals more about who we are than our own distorted perceptions.

it says,
"you have taught me how to love.
and for that, i will love you forever."

thanks wonderfuls...
for the love, laughter, and sweetest memories!

(feel free to share what is here...)


Angie Davis said...

good grief these are a.ma.zing! i shed a tear, and i barely know this sweet family. you not only captured the wrinkly goodness, but the "holiness" so beautifully. and each one of the kids and their uniqueness. and at their little stages at this age.

and oh how i want a picture of me with my boys like that of daisy and her own over my laundry. or kitchen sink?

these are so good that bryan just im'd me as i'm reading to say, "did you read katie's latest"?

i really hope you can capture my family one day!

katie said...

angie... you have no idea what a gift it would be to photograph your family!! xo

keri said...

oh the love. those baby wrinkles i just love!! and i love how you point out things in the photos that some people may not even think about. these are beautiful...i'm sure they will cherish these forever.

BKicklighter said...

Dear Katie,
Please fly to St. Louis at your earliest convenience. I need a picture like that last one.


Seriously- these are some of my favorites of all I've seen you post. I don't know why, but they made me feel so emotional. Teared up even. You have such a talent. *deep sigh*

Sarah Slaven said...

oh wow they are stunning, I want another baby now.

michelle repolles said...

these are absolutely beautiful!