a fall day.

elliot and i,
(along with the help of my iphone)
wanted to share some of our splendid day with you:


to those of you whose lives need a little more color
and who are missing the brilliance of fall.

(portland, thank you for being
the perfect stage
for fall to display it's glory upon.)


Dado said...

That would be US.
Thanks to Katie and Elliot for sharing.

Jean Joiner said...

When did you become such an amazing artist? I love this side of you...you have an incredible eye for beauty.
love you!

Tavianna said...

Thank-you for all your Portland shots. I have followed your blog for awhile but only recently did I realize that you moved across the river from us! Northwest is gorgeous in the fall isn't it?! And you capture it so very well! We only moved here in June so it's still a new season every time one comes around. But so far we love it! Looks like you do too!

Daisy said...

Gorgeous. I really should take photos of the 10 trees in Sunnyvale that help me experience Fall for 30 seconds every morning when I drive by them.
p.s. Aren't you surprised to see me here? That's right, I'm a hipster now.