the bradford family

i've been in bed with fever for the last 48 hours.
every now and then the fever breaks and i'm able to sit up and do something.
but mostly, i've been stuck in achy boredom.

right now, i have a moment and i want to show you some of the family portraits
i've taken recently.

i generally photograph families who just so happen to have at least one toddler in the mix.
usually most of my focus goes into getting them to look at me, 
have a good time and smile and giggle. 

this family was different.
they have two high schoolers
and one fifth grader. (who my nic used to attend school with.)

it felt so strange to have a family sit where i told them.
and look at me when i ask.
and not even need a diaper change!!

they were a beautiful family to work with...
the kids were wonderful~ not to mention so attractive.
 although there was one NEW family member that did feel a little more like a toddler. ;)
but who can argue with a puppy that gives high fives??
thanks bradfords! you were a real pleasure to work with!

(and now it's time for me to go back to sleep!!)


Jean Joiner said...

great photos! sorry you've been sick. :(

Brian said...

love this set, they all look great!

Jodi Worlow said...

Hope you are feeling better! No fun being sick!