six people | twelve times | september 2010

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i have to be honest. we didn't actually take a family picture in september.  i'm sad that i didn't make it happen. i even had the perfect idea...

instead, i did take some school pictures of the kids and i'm going to use a photo we took in early october for this september post. that's kinda the same, right?

september. 2010
(school begins)
(nic | fifth grade)
nic entered fifth grade with some nerves pumping.
he saw familiar faces in his class, but everything else was so different.
he had heard many rumors about the intensity of fifth grade.
(the homework really increases in our school from 4th to 5th grade.)
but after a few weeks went by, he eased into life.

nic, we're watching you turn into a man.
it's amazing to be a part of your life and process...
and believe me, you don't always choose the right thing,
but you have NO IDEA how great of a kid you are
and we wouldn't change ONE thing about you.
i have so much hope for your life.
i pray for wisdom, leadership, truth, strength, a deep understanding of grace,
and that you would be surrounded by people who love you.
the cool thing about being your parents
is that we get to always be on your side (it may not always feel that way to you)
rooting you on from right behind
willing to lend a hand if you stumble from time to time.
you are a gift to us.

(oliver | third grade)
oliver eagerly jumped into third grade.
he's had some kinks in the beginning (like turning in homework on time),
but he gets so much joy from some of the things his class is learning.
he especially loves all the field trips his class gets to take this year.
the only thing he's not too comfortable with is the attention he gets from the girls.

oliver, you have a gift to see into a situation and penetrate it with wisdom.
sometimes it feels like we're raising a boy with a little yoda tucked into his head. ;)
you have often said things to mom and dad that have shocked us with maturity.
you have also shocked us with your volume and energy at times. ;)
i truly love your tender side~ the one that makes you so teary at goodbyes.
and the one that makes you want to print out thousands of baby animals.
don't let that slip away in an attempt to be cool. 
i'm praying for self control, responsibility, kindness, gentleness, and selflessness for you.
the possibilities for your life are endless oliver.
remember you have us to count on.
thank you for being such a great son for us!!

(elliot | preschool)
elliot marched proudly into preschool this september with no intention of turning back.
he made fast friends with a few,
loves his teachers, megan and leah,
and is convinced that preschool means that he is every bit as big as the other kids.
we were so happy to have such a great start to his year.

elliot, what can i say to you my little man?
first of all, i want you to know that you get away with a lot around our home and family.
everyone thinks you're the cutest.
and i worry that getting away with so much will turn you into *not* the cutest,
but in you, i see a robust and sincere heart bursting out.
confident in who you are, and confident in who you love.
you are so affectionate (especially to me which i LOVE)
and snuggly that honestly, it's hard for me to watch you grow bigger.
i know before i realize it, you won't fit easily into my lap. 
(you say, "i want to sit in your waps.")
you love to hold my hand with our fingers entwined.
it melts me every time.
for you little guy, i pray for faith, understanding, compassion and character.
i think i'll always have a little mama crush on you.
(abigail | first grade)
abigail's first week of first grade was great. she loved it.
and then...
well, she started feeling really anxious about the whole thing and would cry
and cling to me at the door to her classroom. 
her teacher, eric, was really patient and kind to her
and most mornings would come over to her, take her hand, 
and lead her to some new thing in the classroom.
he quickly became one of her "best friends."
beyond drop off, abigail loves first grade, has some very special friends in her class,
and is an eager learner.

abigail, you are so special to mom and dad for so many reasons,
but for me particularly, i love how easy it is to connect with you.
i love that you want to make things pretty like i do.
and that's easy for you to do~ you just need to enter the room!
i know sometimes you feel lonely being the only girl in our family,
and i promise to try to not only be a mother to you,
but also a sister from time to time.
i'm proud of the way i've seen you work through some of your own trials
and i want you to know that i'm praying for you
to have patience, peace, courage, strength, and humility.
you're a beautiful little lady abigail!

overall, september felt like a flurry to me.
back to school, supplies, orientations, schedules, events...
we had a few awesome guests, but
all in all, i guess it felt just like a september should:
busy and beautiful with lots of change in the air.

(the pumpkin patch | sauvie island, or)

these are my people.
they make my soul feel lighter.

there you have it.
our september post 
with "september" pictures. ;)

(thanks for stopping by!)


Jean Joiner said...

love it! i was telling the kids ya'll are coming and camille exclaimed, "oh, i love them!" my thoughts exactly. :)

Cara said...

I just love those six people! (Even the ones I haven't met in person). Reading about your love and hopes and prayers for your people makes MY soul feel lighter. Miss you guys!

keri said...

you make me all teary when you talk to your kids that way. so extremely loving and sweet. they are terrific kids and are VERY fortunate to have you as their mama!! and i think i was supposed to take your september family photo for you. sorry. there was too much eating out and shopping that had to get done. :) (oh...but i can take a november pic for you!!) yay!

Sarah Slaven said...

That was such a sweet post you have a beutiful family