a christmas baby.

i love this video.
the simplicity and beauty of children telling the story of jesus' birth is charming.

on another baby note, i want to introduce you to my beautiful nephew:

there is something magical about a baby at christmas time. it brings the savior's birth story to life.

a baby can be the calm in the midst of a storm.
they can reflect our frailty and dependance.
and reveal our ability to create our own little chaotic storms.
but mostly, they reflect the wonder and awe of life.

they give warmth,
soften our rough edges,
and breath hope into our souls
that we can be unconditionally loved.
may you feel the wonder of that love
this christmas. xo.

(i love you baby liam!!)

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keri said...

so you want me to watch that video again? is that why you sent me here? :) oh that little baby liam is precious. these are really sweet photos of him. i'm sure jean is happy.