a late silent night.
in the 
(attempting more handmade this year. 
an owl made by oliver for abi, 
and a needle felted picture for elliot made by nic.)
(toys for mom and dad)
and they all played happily
ever after.

the merry christmas end.


keri said...

i want pretty christmas pictures like yours. the handmade gifts are super cute.
your faithful commenter.

Cara said...

Phil always says that was the best part of his childhood, the moment at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning. There really isn't anything else like it on earth.

Angie Davis said...

i felt like was there, kinda, while reading.
and this makes me want stairs in my house just for christmas.

did you see bryan's response to bryan's video he posted on fb? "we've GOT to have 4 kids". ;)

jess said...

beautiful photos! and i love the homemade gifts. been thinking of making felt animals for a while. do you have a favorite craft book or template you used for these?
esp. one for little hands! so impressed that E made that for Abi!

jess said...

or, oliver, i should say!