mini family portrait sessions | one.

every year for the holidays, i offer mini sessions to clients.
these are aimed at getting that one great family photo 
or that adorable shot of your kids.

these sessions are pretty quick, fun and easy~ not to mention really affordable!

i'm finally getting around to showing you some of my favorites!

usually, i reserve this offer to local clients,
but this past year, i booked four in a row during my last photography trip to CA
i'll review them with you over the next week.
whether you like it or not. ;)

next holiday season, i'm hoping to avoid the portland winter rain 
and book these family mini portrait sessions locally all september and october!


my first mini session did me in with the cuteness:

(i'm not sure, but i think this picture can make you pregnant if you stare too long.)
 the only problem i have with offering mini sessions
is that sometimes it's hard for me to stop
photographing the kids.
i swear i fall in love.
with each and everyone.
i already happened to love these kids, but now, i do more so.
don't you?
you might not even know them and i bet you love them too. ;)

this is the one they chose for a favorite:
nice choice, eh?
i always love to see which photos families respond to the most.

and i love to see each family's distinct personality come out in photos.
i think you'll notice their beautiful differences as well.

this family is alive with love. 
they know they have a good thing
and their joy from that knowledge is contagious.

xo dellenbachs! thanks for allowing me to capture your joy!


Caroline said...

any chance you want to come to Chicago??? oh, and tell Stella Roscoe says Hi :)

keri said...

what a beautiful fam!!

sarah said...

i'm so touched and thrilled to have made the blog! you are amazing katie, and we all love you (and your awesome pictures) so very much!!

jess said...

so true what you said about the mini sessions! that happens to me every time ;) you start snapping and get caught up and before you know it, it's a full blown session! oh well....it's worth it :)
these are GREAT!